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We're small-town witches with big aspirations and goals!


Hello, our fellow Ghouls!  We're Stephanie and Rai.  As far we both can remember, we've always loved true crime, spooky stuff, we are both very artistic, and past Emo girls!

The idea behind The Poisoned Apple is the same reference as "the black sheep", in the sense that, at some point in our walks of life we felt out of place.  Whether we were deemed "strange and unusual" or just didn't completely fit in with our family and friends.  Maybe we still don't fit?!?  Like a square peg.

We created The Poisoned Apple, for all the misfits, fantasy lovers, for those who wished it was Halloween every day, and for those who just love dark aesthetics and humor.  Just like we do! 

We love to dress up for Halloween, winged eyeliner is a lifestyle (not just for dress-up and Halloween), and black is our happy color!  The Halloween season just gives us life!  So, Welcome! We're happy you're here and that we can build a community of weirdos together.    


We have five main collections of clothing & accessories that we will have displayed all year long.  These include:


The Poisoned Apple

Every day is Halloween

Fantasy Realm

Murder Mystery

The Coven

Each month we will release a NEW spotlight collection.  It will be our theme of the month.  

Those who choose to subscribe to a Spooky Box Membership will have their spooky surprise of the newest collection shipped to them a week before we release the collection for that month.  Sign up today under "Subscriptions" in our shop section.


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